Magical content design tools from the future.

Instantly generate consistent design copies that convert.

The only AI writing solution that brings business impact

Craft copies that boost conversion and user experience.

  • Designs that convert, instantly ready.
  • Get reasoning on how it can improve business impacts.
  • AI that can improve the usability and readability from your design copies.
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Boost business value with high converting design copies.

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Streamline design collaboration in just a few clicks.

Everyone on the same page, instantly. Contexa syncs with your content standards.

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Generate a magical copy for your design

Experience faster, better, and more cost-effective UX collaboration with Co-writing. Powered by the most advanced AI, the GPT-4.

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Focus on what’s truly important

Delegate repetitive writing tasks so you can spend more time on more meaningful tasks like talking to your users.

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Figma's new AI buddy

Elevate your favorite design tool with the power of Contexa.

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Ensure Term Consistency

Achieve term consistency in your Figma design effortlessly with our co-writing feature.

Write with Magic

Reuse copies from other designers, instantly!

It's extremely easy to reuse existing copies. No more scattared documentation, inconsistent copies, or messy coordinations.

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Welcome to the new AI-powered Copy Library

  • Easily find existing copies with our AI-powered search. The AI engine will automatically search by intention / context.
  • Easily categorize all of your copies with just 1 click.
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Enter your copy and the AI will automatically find similar pieces with the same context.

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Privacy Promise Inside

We do not train the AI from your data. All the data will be saved only temporarily, encrypted, with user access lock.

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